The Benefits and Evolution of Computer Science

Computer science has changed over the past few years, and has many benefits to society.  Computer science has many benefits to our society and to an individual. A computer scientist knows how to solve complex problems; solving problems is a skill that society uses in many jobs. In the technology age, the society needs computer scientists and computer scientists make a lot of money. There are many jobs involving computer science as well; computer science gives people the chance to chose a wide variety of jobs. Solving problems can, “improve solutions. Our society is constantly seeking ways to do things faster, more directly or just plain better, and computer scientists help seize those opportunities…Uber and Airbnb, both of which have revolutionized service industries that many never even questioned. These types of examples exist in nearly every facet of our world, and are backed by computer science” (Ruesink). That example proves that jobs use computer science. They use computer science to track where people are and are able to come pick those people up. This is a problem that was solved through computer scientists. Technology is increasing throughout society and has an important usage factor for people: “This is the Digital Age. Computer programmes have all but infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Computer scientists theorise, design, develop, and apply the software and hardware for the programmes” (). This quote proves that computers are everywhere. Even schools have such advanced technology. It shows that even though people may not realize it, programmes are useful for people to use. Computer scientists make a lot of money. It is a job that has grown more popular over the past few years. Now, the salary has increased: “New graduates with bachelor’s degrees in computer science were offered an average starting salary of $63,017, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Spring 2011 Salary Survey.” (). This quote proves that computer scientists make a lot of money. $60,000 is a lot of money for starting salary. This means that the average salary is $100,000. The computer science field will expand in a few years and is a good thing for our society to have computer science. 

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