What programming languages are used to create video games?

Have you ever wanted to create a video game? With technology these days, there are many ways to create games. Games are created through programming and designing. What is the difference between programming and designing? According to the article Game Programming vs. Game Design, game programming: “involves taking the design specifications of the game designers, integrating the art and sound, and translating it all into a playable game. Doing this requires a lot of mathematics, logic and computer skills, particularly in the area of programming languages” (Game Programming). Game programmers usually have a degree in computer science. Game designers are different in which they: “have an innate knowledge of what gamers want in a game, and they possess the ability to see the ‘“big picture”’ as far as a particular game goes.” (Game Programming). For game programming, it takes both game design and game programming: “Most game designers who want to make their own stuff have to learn programming, even if they’re 100% non-programmers, since it’s the only way to get “‘your’” vision launched.” (Martin). Game programming uses many languages including, Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, Python, Ruby, and other custom languages.

There are many programming languages. Some of them are used to create games. The most popular language is C++. C++ is a: “computer programming language that is object oriented and has numerous tools. These tools make it possible to embed extensions to make more and more routines possible.” (What Programming). C# is a mix between the basic C language and the C++ language. C# can be used only on Windows and Microsoft. Python and Ruby are for people who websites and mobile games. It is an advanced programming language. Other people use custom languages. They develop their own languages: “id Software’s QuakeC and Epic’s UnrealScript. To learn these custom languages you may need to work for the developer or take advanced curriculum.” (What Programming). If being a game programmer or game designer interests you, you must first learn the basics of computer programming and computer software.

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