How have hackers affected technology?

     Hackers, hacking, and hack. All three words have the word hack in common, or to gain unauthorized access to data in a system. Hacking has evolved in the past few years. In the 60s and 70s, hacking was used to as simple shortcuts.  Examples include changing train tracks to make them run faster for a particular destination or cracking the code to get cool things that usually would not be accessed by other people: “free long-distance phone calls” (Technologies).  But as computers became more sophisticated and as we began to rely on them for everyday activities, hacking took on a new and more serious role.  In the 80s, hacking was used to break into computer systems and changing their intended uses.  This was known as the “Golden Age” of hacking. Now, most hackers are doing serious crimes such as figuring out someone’s social security number and hacking someone’s email or social media account.


     Hacking has changed our society. Crimes have changed: “The sophistication of the cybercrime industry has led to changes in the focus of criminals away from simply stealing credit cards to the perhaps more lucrative, large scale implementation of ‘ransomware’.” (Glance). This shows the fact that criminals have moved on to using technology.

      Hackers were once just curious teens messing with technology to make it fun faster: “The whole concept of “hacking” sprouted from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology nearly 50 years ago. Computer science students there borrowed the term from a group of model train enthusiasts who ‘hacked’ electric train tracks and switches in 1969 to improve performance. These new hackers were already figuring out how to alter computer software and hardware to speed it up, even as the scientists at AT&T Bell Labs were developing UNIX, one of the world’s first major operating systems.” (Pagliery) This proves that hacking has now moved from criminal actions to actions by countries which can be considered acts of war. The concept of hacking will continue to get more and more dangerous and continue to be a major problem for individuals and countries.  



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